Kendrick Census Record Break-Through

I finally found some Kendrick census records. The lack of documentation has been really frustrating, because I knew these people had lived in Murray County, but I simply couldn’t find them. Bad spelling and fancy handwriting were the sources of my problems. 1860 – the secret is to search on Kindrick. I found Thomas, Mahala […]

Interview with a Grandmother

The Oral History Project is now underway. I bought the toys yesterday, namely a digital voice recorder and speech recognition software. Today I visited my grandmother and, with a little prompting, got her started down the reminiscence road. She talked for about an hour and a half and I got some great stories. For example, […]

The Oral History Project

I‘ve decided to start an oral history project and I would encourage you to do the same.  Our older relatives have priceless memories and it is not too soon to start collecting them. My maternal grandfather was a gifted, natural storyteller.  He could spin a tale with such vivid details that his listeners were riveted.  […]

Kendrick Research in Murray County Heritage


I reviewed all the indexed items for “Kendrick” in Murray County Heritage today. It was at times frustrating and at other times exhilarating. Many of the Kendrick references had only initials instead of first names. That’s great if you already know who the people are, but if you don’t, it’s not helpful at all. Many […]

Book Review: Murray County Heritage

For a couple of years, I’ve put the word out that I would like to have a copy of Murray County Heritage as a Christmas present. No one took the bait, so my parents got me a copy this year. This book was compiled by the Murray County History Committee of the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society […]

To-Do List

One of the challenges I face when working on a new project is that I want everything completed right now. For some reason, I’m fine with the genealogy research being long-term, but I become overwhelmed with all the things I want to do on the website. It would be easy for me to focus all […]

What’s New


Last week was fruitful in the discovery of media to add to my genealogy database. I got some great old photographs from my grandmother, including a photo of her father at his still, a photo that includes her parents when they were courting, and a photo of her brother. I also found a court document […]