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Last week was fruitful in the discovery of media to add to my genealogy database. I got some great old photographs from my grandmother, including a photo of her father at his still, a photo that includes her parents when they were courting, and a photo of her brother.

I also found a court document at the Maryland State Archives that references Sutton Quinney, my 7x great-grandfather. The document is dated 1700-1701.

I also found a good website – Find-a-Grave. Users can add cemetery records, including headstone photographs. The website is searchable. I did a quick search by state and county, then scanned through some cemetery names that I recognized. I found three headstone photos of my ancestors – Elizabeth (Tucker) Ellis, Churchwell Branch Tucker, and Rosamund.

On the minus side, I ran into a glitch with the genealogy database. I had added some information to Ancestry, so I wanted to import a new gedcom into my new program, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). Big mistake! Apparently there is a glitch with Family Tree Maker, and I’m assuming it also applies to Ancestry, because the results were the same. Individuals were tied to unrelated persons over and over again. The database is a complete mess. The clean-up process is tedious, because there is no easy way to identify the corrupted records. I’m going through family by family to clean it up. If you see something crazy, like a child born 100 years before the parents, please let me know.

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