Moses Qualls (Quarles) Biographical Sketch

I found an interesting biographical sketch of Moses Qualls in the Rootsweb Qualls-Quarles mailing list archives:

Before the Revolution, Moses moved to the West side of the Broad River near the present Lockhart, SC in Union County. He was a Loyalist during the Revolution, convicted of sedition by the American authorities and exiled to the British base at Orangeburg, SC.

Moses bought land in Union County, SC, 17 December 1785. Union County RMC A, Pages 80-82.  Moses was living in Union County at the time of the 1790 Census. His household was listed with two while males 16 and upward, one white male under 16, and 4 white females. SC 1790 Census page 94. Thomas Quarles is next door and Elizabeth Quarles is nearby.

After the Revolution, Moses returned to Union County where he lived until the late 1790’s when he moved north into Spartanburg County on land he had bought adjacent to his son David.

To read the remainder of the sketch, click here.

Source:, “Re: [Qualls-Quarles] Hubbard Qualls/Quarles,” Qualls-Quarles-L Archives, discussion list, 25 May 2005 ( : accessed 12 January 2008).

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