Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina: Burke County, Volume I

I found a great source record last week at the library. It’s a book called Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina: Burke County, Vol. 1. The author is Emmet R. White and it was published in 1984 by Southern Historical Press, Inc. of Easley, S.C.

It has biographical sketches on many soldiers, including summaries of military service, later life, land holdings, and census locations. Two of my ancestors are included: Captain Thomas Hemphill and Captain Thomas Lytle.
If you are looking for information on patriots of the American Revolution, this is a resource worth investigating.

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  1. Tonia says

    How wonderful that you found this book useful and mentioned it on your website. My father researched and wrote the book. There is also a Vol. 2. on Burke County soldiers. Volume 3 is at the publishers. My Dad is very ill right now – I will share with him your praise of his book – it will tickle him, I’m sure. He spent decades researching the lives of Revolutionary War soldiers, cleaning gravestones, scouring census data and land records. It’s nice to know his work is appreciated. Thank you again.

    Millie White Rothrock
    September 28, 2008 9:03 AM

    Comment moved from October 8, 2008

    • Christel Hirsch says

      Mrs. Rothrock,
      I am a media specialist here in Burke county and I am interested in finding an expert to visit and share information with the students. Your father would definitely be a wonderful visitor. I am saddened to hear he is ill. Does he or you have any other suggestions for people to contact to visit the school as a” local expert”?

      Thank you,
      Mrs. Hirsch

  2. Paul Chrisawn says

    Would love access to Volume II. My grandfather is supposed to be listed from his time in the war. Any help in getting this book would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      I’ve never seen the second volume. You might try looking for it on WorldCat to see if any library near you has a copy. Good luck!


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