mtDNA Testing

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a DNA test this morning.

I chose to use Family Tree DNA, which purports to have 90% of the genealogy DNA market share. I ordered the mtDNAPlus test kit. It’s a little more expensive than the basic mtDNA kit, but I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with lesser results and would end up ordering a second test.

The mtDNA tests give results only for the direct female line. I seldom think in terms of the a direct female (or male) line, so I looked up the lineage this morning.

Starting with my great-grandmother, here is my direct maternal lineage, as far as I can trace it (some are not verified):

Rachel Louisa Johnson
Martha Jane Garrett
Nancy Emeline Brookshire
Elizabeth Tilley
Catherine Powell (unconfirmed from here down)
Anna Barbara Albright
Anna Maria Keller
Juliana Kleindinst
Anna Maria ?

I never realized that my direct maternal line was Germanic, but Keller and Kleindinst are certainly Germanic names.

Any cousins reading this who come directly through the maternal line, you don’t need to get tested. Your results will be exactly the same as mine and I will be glad to share.

Results will be published in a future post.

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