Columbus Public Library

On a recent business trip, I visited the Columbus Public Library in Columbus, GA. What an amazing genealogy collection! They have as many stacks in the genealogy wing as my local library has in the whole adult section. They also have wi-fi throughout the library, so I was able to post my notes directly to my website, rather than trying take notes for later.

As soon as I walked into the Genealogy wing, I saw several stacks of family histories. A quick perusal and I had in hand The Mackeys and Allied Families by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie. This very large book has a section devoted to my ancestor, Thomas Mackie, who emigrated from Ireland, lived in North Carolina, and died in Georgia. I had always wondered how he ended up in Georgia and now I have the answer. After the Revolutionary War, he drew land in Wilkes County, which later became Elbert County, Georgia.

I didn’t have time to look at anything else, but I travel to Columbus several times a year, so I will be making repeat visits for more research. Bravo to the Columbus community for this outstanding library and to the library staff for their wonderful genealogy collection.

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