Citing Tombstones as a Source Reference

by Tonia Kendrick on October 9, 2008 in Research

I recently bought a copy of Elizabeth Shown Mills’ fabulous book Evidence Explained (e-book available for download on and have spent the evening creating citations for events sourced from tombstones that I have personally photographed.

It’s a simple format and by copying, pasting, and editing, I was able to create citations for over 40 events in one evening.

The basic format is:

Cemetery (Location), Item, data collection info, date photographed.

Here are a couple of samples from my database:

  • Ramsey Cemetery (Ramhurst, Murray County, Georgia), Maude W. Butler footstone, personally photographed, 20 Sep 2008.
  • Spring Place Cemetery (Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia), Martin Roberts and Rosie Roberts Headstone, personally photographed, 27 Dec 2007.

Source:  Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence Explained : Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Boston: Genealogical Company, Incorporated, 2007. 213.

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