WordPress-TNG Mashup a Success

Update:  I no longer use the mashup described below.  I’m now using the TNG/Wordpress plug-in available here.


Finally, the new look of the website, with WordPress and TNG integrated is unveiled!

As I posted a few weeks ago, I was attempting to follow directions to integrate WordPress and TNG.  I had a few problems, but after playing around and implementing some workarounds, it all works exactly like I’ve wanted since I first set up this website almost a year ago.

If you decide to go this route, I highly recommend setting up a webserver on your local machine so that you can work on a test site.  I used Wampserver.  I’ve also found this setup useful for working in TNG when I’m in an offline environment.  From a development standpoint, it takes a lot of the stress out when you don’t have to worry about breaking the live site.

The problems I was having with the mashup were related to the include paths to point to files in the “other” piece of software (i.e. from WP to TNG or from TNG to WP).  On my local machine, I was able to set up an include directory and put all the joint files in one place.  This requires that you have access to the php.ini file in order to point said file to your include directory.  I couldn’t figure out how to do this on the live site, so I came up with another solution.  I simply placed a copy of the joint files in the wordpress theme directory and also in the TNG directory.  It’s not as elegant, but it works.

Thanks to Bridget for all the work on her own site and for generously posting her mashup instructions.  I couldn’t have done this without her work and I could not be more happy with the results.

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  1. Bridget says


    Your site looks wonderful. Excellent choice of colors. I especially like the bottom background–on my monitor, it actually appears to have the texture of soft cloth.

    Also, good advice re installing a web server to use as a test site.

    Finally, the symbol on the headstone–I think it indicates the grave of a confederate soldier. (I’m relatively sure it isn’t Masonic. My dad was a Mason and I don’t recall seeing this symbol.)


  2. LK says

    Hi Tonia,

    I am too struggeling with the wp-tng plugin.
    I was wondering, what do you mean with the ‘joint files’.
    Which files are that?

    Thanks in advance

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi, this post refers to a prior version of my website. I used this method to mash WP and TNG together before there was a plug-in. You don’t need to worry about any “joint files” if you are using the plug-in.

      What kind of trouble are you having with the plug-in? One of the keys is to make sure you have “pretty permalinks” set up in WordPress. To get the pretty permalinks, click on Settings, then Permalinks, then choose the “Day and Name” option. If that doesn’t help, let me know. I’ll be glad to help if I can.


  3. LK says


    Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for posting here in this topic.
    I was aware of the ‘permalink’ setting. Cost me quit a while to figure it out but it’s working.
    However two issues remain.
    The first one is that the ‘TNG-login’ isn’t working with the plugin. The data is accessable by everyone.
    The other thing is that if you go with the url to the ‘tng installation’ directory (thus not the pagename in wp) that there is no redirection to the layout of wordpress. The original template of TNG is showing up.
    It’s no big deal but it would be nicer if the layout of WordPress was visible.


  4. Tonia Kendrick says

    Hi, the permalink thing took me awhile to figure out, too. That’s why I mentioned it. : )

    I don’t require logins, so that hasn’t been issue for me. I have seen some talk about it on the TNG forums. You might check there to see if anyone has come up with a resolution yet.

    What is your website address? I’d love to look at it.

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