What’s New Wednesday

This is a brief overview of what’s new on the website and in the database during the past week:

New Media:

Photograph of James Young Hemphill and Mary Elizabeth (McEntire) Hemphill.  I found this on “The North Carolina Hemphills” website (I recognize this as a scan from the book The Hemphills of North Carolina, which my mother owns).

Photograph of Major Ben Burgin’s Knife.  Found on the Burgin family website, Voices From the Past.

Photograph of Aunt Jo in the 60’s.  This is my great-aunt and looks like a faculty photograph.

Passenger List of the Johnson Galley.  Ludwig and Barbara Albright traveled to America on this ship.

Newspaper article regarding the fire in which the old Burgin homestead burned to the ground.

Source Records

1820 Census for Buncombe County, North Carolina.  The John M. Roberts household is enumerated, with likely household members including Salina Roberts, Snelson Roberts, and Rebecca Sammons.

Database Maintenance

I’ve been working on correcting faulty birth and death dates.  There were quite a few errors, such that the average lifespan in my database was in the negative 70’s.  I still have a few to fix, but the average lifespan is up to 47 years (positive), so I consider that to be much improved.

Added place coordinates for as many Georgia locations as possible.

In addition, I added about 40 TNG reports.  Most of these will be most useful from an administrative standpoint.

It’s been a very busy week. . .

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