Where was Dave Butler before 1900?

David S. Butler was my great-great-grandfather.  I know that he was in Murray County, Georgia in the 1900s.  Working backward, he died in 1938, and I have census records for 1930, (research gap: I don’t have 1920), 1910, and 1900.  Each census gives Georgia as his place of birth.  I have nearby Adairsville as his birthplace, but have no documentation for that fact.

Dave was married to Malinda Josephine Hemphill around 1878.  Malinda was also from Murray County, so it’s possible that he was already there in the 1870s.  His parents were James Butler (born about 1820) and Rhoda Qualls/Quarles (born 1825), whom I can place in Hall County, Georgia in 1850.  Dave is the youngest of their children, to my knowledge, and the only one born after 1850.

Please leave a comment if you know anything about Dave or his family.  Any help would be appreciated!

11/24/08 Update

I’ve just found the 1880 Census record for Dave, Malinda, and their oldest child, Mattie L.  They were in the Doolittle District of Murray County and indexed with the last name “Butter” instead of “Butler.”  Once again, Ancestry hints come to the rescue!

The new question is “Where was Dave Butler before 1880?”

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