New Johnson and Stroud Records

New Source Records

1850, 1860, 1870 Census:  Thomas M. Johnson family

1860 Census:  Martin V. Johnson household.  This is a very strange household.  It includes three adult males (Martin, Benjamin, and Newton) and two little girls (Catherine and Racheal).

1790 Census:  Peter Stroud (Jr.) household.

1790 Census: Peter Stroud (Sr.) household.

1840 Census:  Elijah Ellis household – 2nd page lists Mary Ellis as a Revolutionary War pensioner.

Various land grants for Peter Stroud (Sr. and Jr.)

New People

Thomas M. Johnson’s second wife, Nancy, and children, Newton, Madison, Martin V., Jasper, Allen, Susan, Nancy, Mary, and Sarah.

Peter Stroud’s (Sr.) second wife, Rebecca, and children, Jordan, David, William, and Jesse.

New Media

Photo of the old Butler residence.

Rosa (Ellis) Roberts’ death certificate.

Database Statistics

Individuals:  1695
Families:  527
Unique Surnames: 363
Photos: 17
Documents: 14
Headstones: 35
Histories: 3
Sources: 194

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