Amos and Betty Johnson Headstone

Amos Johnson and his wife Betty are buried in Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery in Gilmer County, Georgia.  They may be my 3x-great-grandparents, Amos and Elizabeth; however the dates don’t quite match up.

Census records (1850 and 1860) indicate that Amos Johnson was born about 1826, while the birthdate on this stone is 1817.  The stone also records Amos’ death in 1858, but he was enumerated in the 1860 Census in Gilmer County.  He was certainly deceased prior to 1870 as Elizabeth is enumerated as head of household.

Census records for Elizabeth Anna Johnson (1850, 1860, 1870) indicate that she was born about 1830 or 1831, however the stone says 1833.  The death date on the stone is 1895; I have no further information on Elizabeth Anna after 1870, so that may be accurate.

The cemetery is located not far from Stock Hill, which is where Amos and Elizabeth’s son Reuben P. (my great-great grandfather) lived in 1900 and 1910, which lends credence, I think, to this being their gravestone.

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  1. Brad Wilson says

    I’m related to Amos and Betty Johnson through their son James Robert Johnson, who is my g-g-grandfather. I’m with you on the dates, those aren’t right, and the tombstone appears newer than others of a similar time period up there. I would guess that someone replaced it at some point. I have a picture of Reuben that someone provided me. From the oral tradition I have, that church was built on land that the Johnson family received from the Cherokee’s. Appears the first pastor there was Samuel Messer Stover, who married Mary Melissa Johnson. The other oral tradition I’ve heard is that the 1st Johnson was a young stowaway on a boat from Ireland, and when he got the the US he dropped the T from his name (originally being Johnston) and it became Johnson. I’ve never got any further back than Amos and Betty myself with my own research. Nice to meet a distance cousin though :)

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Brad, thanks for the comment as well as for the additional information James Robert Johnson and his wife, Nancy Louise Ray. I have a Robert Johnson, born about 1862, who appeared on the 1870 census in Betty’s household. Is this the same person?

      Is the church that you refer to Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (where Amos and Betty’s headstone is)? I’ve never been to that church, but I do know their son, Reuben, who is my grandmother’s grandfather, donated land for another church, which is adjacent to the cemetery where he is buried.

      Thanks again,

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