Where Was the Wyatt Lankford Family in 1860?

This week I’m looking for ancestors of Leaty (Lankford) West, whose gravestone I found several weeks ago.  I have her parents as Wyatt Lankford and Morning Tabitha Bruer.

Leaty West Headstone

“Wiet” and Morning Lankford were enumerated on the 1880 Census in the Alaculsa District of Murray County, Georgia.  I feel somewhat confident that these are Leaty’s parents, because they are three households away from Leaty and her family.  Their son William lives with them.

However, I also have the 1850 Census, which lists Wyatt and Tabitha in Polk County, Tennessee, but Leaty is not in their household.  If this family is correct, that means that Leaty’s birthdate is wrong on her gravestone.  I would feel better if I could find the 1860 Census for this family – if Leaty is their daughter, she would be around 10.

Wyatt and Tabitha are in Murray County in 1870, along with sons William and Abner.  There is also an Abner Lankford enumerated in the William and Leaty West household in 1870, whom I have always assumed was Leaty’s brother.  The question becomes is this the same Abner, enumerated in two households or is it two separate, but probably related families?

This is puzzling and I hope the 1860 Census will hold the key.

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  1. Cynthia says

    I saw an old (2008) post in which you wondered where the Wyatt and Tabitha Lankford family was in 1860. I am sure you know by now that they are in Polk Co. TN, just as in the 1850 census and your “Leaty” is 9 and listed as Lydia.

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