Murray County Marriage Records

I visited the Murray County Probate Court last week and came away with nine copies of marriage records.  I went in with a pedigree chart highlighting direct ancestors who were married (or who I thought may have been married) in Murray County.  I had marriage dates for many of them, so my goal was to get documentation, but I also found some dates that I didn’t already have.  I also found records for some secondary lines as I was looking through the marriage books.

F. R. Kendrick and Vadah Whitner, married 23 Jul 1922

F. T. Kindrick and Lizzie West, married 25 Oct 1917 (found date!)

James Butler and Maud Whitner, married 08 Feb 1906

James Hemphill and Alice Roberts, married 25 Dec 1897

James Y. Hemphill and Mary E. McEntire, married 10 Sep 1867

James Y. Hemphill and Rhoda J. McEntire, married 18 Aug 1859

Martin L. Roberts and Rosa E. E. Ellis, married 28 Jan 1872

Elijah M. Ellis and Elizabeth M. Tucker, married 21 Mar 1852

George Harrison and Bulah Whitener, married 08 Jan 1905

I’ll be scanning these records and uploading copies in the near future.

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