Hemphills in 1808

Two hundred years ago, my Hemphill relatives were all in the Burke/Buncombe county area in North Carolina.

Captain Thomas Hemphill (1746-1826), my 5x (twice) and 6x great-grandfather, lived in Burke County, North Carolina in 1810.  On April 4, 1808, he entered a grant for 300 acres lying on both sides of the French Broad river in Buncombe County.  His daughter, Martha (1774-1835), my 4x great-grandmother gave birth to sons in 1807 and 1809 in Burke County, North Carolina.  Thomas’ son Samuel (1775-?) was likely still at home in 1800, but my records for him stop there.  Thomas’ daughter, Rosannah (1777-1851), was born, married (1798) and died in Burke/Buncombe counties; I have no records of her living anywhere else.  Mary (1778-1848) never married and is likely one of the females enumerated on the 1800 and 1810 censuses, living in her father’s household in Burke County.    Andrew (1782-1858) was likely one of the two white males under 16 enumerated in his father’s household in Burke County in 1790, but I have no other information regarding his locations.  Jane (1785-?), Elizabeth (1788-1838), Rachel (1790-1833), and Rebecca (1792-?) were likely the four females aged 16-25 in their father’s household Burke County in 1810.  Ruth (1794-1847) was likely the female aged 10-15.  Thomas McEntire Hemphill (1796-1874), my 3x and 4x great-grandfather, would have been at home in 1808, as he was likely the male aged 10-15 enumerated in his father’s household in 1810.

Thomas’ son, James (1780-1857), was born and died in Old Fort, which was in Burke County at the time of his birth and in McDowell County at the time of his death.  His son, Thomas (1807-1864) was born in North Carolina, likely in Burke County.

Thomas’ nephew, William (1780-1840), my 4x great-grandfather, was likely in Burke County; he was born and died there.  His daughter, Margaret (1799-1862), my 3x great-grandmother, was born in Dysartsville, Burke County in 1799.  William also had two sons, John Hosea, born in 1802 and, William Patton, born in 1805, location unknown.

Thomas’ siblings, Andrew (abt 1764-?), Anna (abt 1770-?), John (abt 1760-?), and William (bef 1773-?) may have been alive in 1808.  They likely were in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1784, when their father’s will was written, but I have no further information about them.

Most of these people lived their whole lives in North Carolina, although the first generation was likely born in Pennsylvania and two of Thomas’ daughters moved to Alabama.  It was the children and grandchildren of the North Carolina Hemphills who branched into Georgia and Texas.

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