Some of Burke County’s Old Sheriffs

This story includes excerpts referring to several of my relatives. It is part of a series of Biographical Sketches from Burke County, North Carolina that were written by by Col Thomas George Walton (1815-1905) and were first published in the old Morganton Herald in 1894.

PETER MULL [7x great-uncle] was elected Sheriff in 1790.”

THOMAS McENTIRE [5x great-grandfather] was the 2nd Sheriff about 1790? Emigrated from Tyrone County, Ireland at the same time as JAMES McENTIRE, SR., who was a near relative, shortly after the revolution. He resided in Old Fort, now in McDowell County, was a member of the Legislature in 1802, had three sons and two daughters, JAMES, WILLIAM, JOHN, JENNIE and MARY. Some years after their father’s decease, the sons moved to Georgia. JENNIE McENTIRE [4x great-grandmother] married THOMAS LYTLE [4x great-grandfather] and lived at the old homestead until their decease. MARY McENTIRE married DAVID GREENLEE, one of the sons of JAMES GREENLEE, SR. The issue of this marriage was 2 sons, JAMES and THOMAS YOUNG GREENLEE and 2 daughters MARY and MARTHA. THOMAS Y. GREENLEE married daughter of ROBERT LOGAN, a skilled land surveyor in Burke.”

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Kapp, Martha P., comp. “BURKE COUNTY, NC – BIOGRAPHIES – Early Settlers of Burke County, Part 4.” Burke County, NC GenWeb Archives. 13 Dec. 2008

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