What’s New – 12/31/08

I‘ve been slack about keeping notes on my research results the last few weeks, which doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of activity.  I’ve had several days off work for the holidays and have spent much of that time researching.  Here are just a few of the new records:

Marriage Records

John Patterson-Sarah Jane Chapman – very excited about this one!

John Sullins-Susannah Butler

Solomon Browning-J. Ellis

Isaac Ellis-Mary Boggs

James Butler-Rhoda Qualls – very excited!

New People

Children of John Patterson and Sarah Jane Chapman (Jeremiah’s siblings):  Malinda, Louisa, Henson, John, Julia, James A., Fields C.

2nd husband for Mary Patterson – Bradley Hallford

Andrew Jackson Patterson & family – wife Julia Ann Terry & children, Claude, Myrtle, Charles, Robert

2nd wife for James Butler – Nancy (Rutledge) Floyd

Susannah (Butler) Sullins & family – husband John Fletcher & children, William, Nancy, Mary Narcissa, Sarah, Phebe, John Tom, Susannah, Louisa Eliza, Joshua, Elizabeth, Victoria

James Evan Butler’s wife –  Martha J. Bradford

Census Records

1850 – John Patterson household:  (John, James (maybe), Henson, Jeremiah, Sarah Jane (Chapman), John Jr., Louisa, Malinda

1830 – John Qualls household: John and likely: David, Joseph, John Jr., Rhoda, Mary, Frances (Winters)

1920 – Walter P. Hemphill household:  Walter, Henrietta, Olin, Rowena, Maurice, Nellie, Mary Elizabeth (McEntire) – very excited about Elizabeth!


1909 Roberts Reunion

Birth Records

Nina and Ruth Greenlee

Death Records

Nina Greenlee

Rachel Lance Johnson

Andrew Russell Ellis

Database Statistics

Individuals: 2,070

Families: 674

Unique Surnames: 455

Photos: 26

Documents: 24

Headstones: 43

Histories: 6

Death Records: 25

Marriage Records: 22

Sources: 223

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