What’s New – 1/7/09

New Marriage Records

James Butler-Nancy Floyd Marriage License

John Ward-Martha Jane Butler Marriage License

New Census Records Found

1870 – Dave “Ballard” (possibly Dave S. Butler)

1920 & 1930 – Newton C. Ward household

1910 & 1930 – William LaFayette Roberts household

1930 – J. A. Hemphill household

1910 – Elijah M. Roberts household (includes Mariah Langston!)

1910 – William Henry Roberts household

1910 – James Sidney Roberts household

1910 – Will Coffey household

1910 - Tom Moreland household

1910 – Loranza Dow Roberts household

1910 – Earnest Edward Roberts household (includes Mariah Langston!)

1870 – John Stroud/Delilah Bright household

1880 – Alvah Brookshire household (includes Elizabeth Tilley!)

New Data

Jesse LaFayette Forrester – death date & place

Newton C. Forrester – marriage date

John H. Johnson – marriage date

William R. Johnson – marriage date

New People

Newton C. Forrester’s wife – Victory Chastain

John H. Johnson’s wife – Nancy Scruggs

William R. Johnson’s wife – Sarah H. Odom

Arvil Roberts’ wife – Minnie Bruce

Revolutionary War Pension Records found

(look for more details on these in future posts)

William Brookshire

Thomas Lytle

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