Roberts Family in 1909

Roberts Family Reunion

A hundred years ago, my Roberts relatives were in Murray County, Georgia.   This photo is of the 1909 Roberts family reunion; if you can identify anyone in the photo, please leave a comment.

Nancy Alice (Roberts) Hemphill, my great-grandmother, was likely in the Ball Ground area, where she was on the 1910 census.  At that time, she was enumerated with my great-grandfather, J. A. Hemphill, and their children:  Blanche, Edna, Jim, Martin, and Walt.

Alice’s father, Martin LaFayette Roberts, my 2x-great-grandfather was likely living in the Bull Pen area with my 2x-great-grandmother, Rosa (Ellis) and their daughter, Alberta.

Alice’s oldest brother, William LaFayette Roberts was likely in Spring Place, with his wife Amanda (Townsend) and their daughter Charlsie.

Their next brother, James Sidney Roberts was likely in the Bull Pen area, with his wife Mary (Morgan) and their sons: Grady, Earl, Earnest, Arvil, and Edgebert.

Alice’s younger brother, Elijah Monteville Roberts, was also likely in the Bull Pen area.   In 1910, he was enumerated there, along with his wife Ella (Adair) and their children: Lillian, Herschel, Eva, and Dimple.  Martin’s mother, Mariah (Langston), my 3x great-grandmother was also enumerated in Elijah’s household, but she moved around (she was actually enumerated a second time on the 1910 census, in another grandson’s household), so she may not have been living with Elijah in 1909 .

The next sister, Emma, was likely living in Eton with her husband, Will Coffey, and their children Haywood and Thelma.

Their second youngest sister, Sarah Eva was likely living in Chatsworth with her husband, Tom Moreland.

For more information on Roberts’ in the collateral lines, click on the “Family Tree” tab, then click on “Surnames” or Advanced Search” in the sidebar.

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