Who was William Brookshire’s Wife?

Was my William Brookshire (b. 1730) married to Mary Sarah Honour or Honour Burk?

There are many researchers who assert that William’s wife was Mary Sarah Honour:
* Born: Abt 1732, Virginia or North Carolina, USA
* Marriage: William Brookshire Sr. in 1750 in North Carolina, USA
* Died: 1789, Rowan or Randolph County, North Carolina, USA about age 57
* Buried: Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

However, I can find no compelling proof regarding Mary Sarah Honour. I have found no parents or siblings for her, nor any type of official record, such as marriage, probate, etc.

There is some evidence, however, that a woman named Honour Burk was married to man named William Brookshire; her father’s will refers to a son-in-law named William Brookshire.

Therefore, my conclusion, at this time, is that Honour Burk is William’s wife.

If you have evidence to support or refute my conclusion, please leave a comment.

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  1. Larry Brookshier says

    William (jr) born 1730 – son of Wm born 1710 married Honour Burke I believe is correct. Fox family ” Cousins By The Dozens” – photo of Honour Brookshire

  2. Les Tate says

    Her name was Honora or Honor Burk (generally with no ending “e”. Her name seems to have old roots) Parents were James Burk Sr and Mary Bane, who were Quakers, married 1730. Honor/Honora appears to be their second child.

  3. Robert Emery says

    I have William Brookshire 1730 -1779 married to Honour(Sarah)
    Their son William 1756 -1836 married to a mary Ann 1762 -1830
    william 1756 applied for the revolutionary war penison, I also have a henry Farley tied in somewhere. I thought Sarah dad ? but some how great grandfather of my grandfather Tommy Emery

  4. Tonia Kendrick says

    Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

    What is your proof that Sarah Honour is William’s wife? I haven’t found any documentation of that marriage, although one does see it in some family trees.


  5. Robert Emery says

    William and Honor/sarah were in Piedmont Va or NC around 1852 owning property on or before 1756,the yr William the 2nd was born.William and sarah/honor(same person were born in randolph or Anson county NC.william 2 lived in the area some 30yrs,by then had married Mary Ann and had had 13 children .they also had property

  6. Robert Emery says

    that should have been 1752 not 1852,
    back to William 2nd ,in the late 1800 william and mary Ann sold out and moved up the Yadkin river to several miles upstream from Wilksboro NC and laid claim to various boundaries Wilks County.William 2nd brothers were Mannering,Thomas,Emmanuel,Movine(or Morning) and Jessie. There isno data

  7. Robert Emery says

    on williams sisters in the family bible.(Bible entries are in William 2nd own hand,william 2 died Jan 20th 1836,this is in someone elses hand writing,Mary Ann died March 26,1830.
    nancy brookshire Oct 28,1780
    Enoch Brookshire Oct 7, 1782
    henry Farley Brookshire Sept 13 1784

  8. Robert Emery says

    henry would have been my grandfathers great grandfather.

    Prudence Brookshire Jan 18 1786
    Betsy Brookshire May 10,1788
    Mary Brookshire June 7,1790
    William jr. brookshire March 12 1792
    Benjamin Brookshire April 23 1794
    Farley Brookshire Sept 8 1795 ?
    Sarah Brookshire may 8 ,195 ? 7
    james Brookshire march 10 1799
    Joel Brookshire march 1 1802
    Levi brookshire march 1 1807

  9. Robert Emery says

    The waters of the kerr Scott Reservoir in Wilkes county NC cover the graves of William 2nd and mary Anns family plott on their farm some distance from Kings Creek baptist Church in lower Caldwell county on the Yadkin river. from then on all I have is about henry farley brookshire and his 18 children which leads to the Emerys.

  10. Tonia Kendrick says

    Thanks Robert! What are your thoughts on Honour Burk? We know that she married a William Brookshire, based on her father’s will. . .

  11. Robert Emery says

    Thats is far back as I go but I know honor and sarah were the same person,ifyou could email me a copy of the will,to add I would like that. I can only think honor burk would be the same.I use to be in Investigations.I would think the will should tie into randolph,piedmont or anson county.

  12. Robert Emery says

    In 29 August 1751 Court, James Burk took William Brookshire to court for debt. *

    Brookshire “II” had or would become the husband of Honora Burk, his daughter.

    * Augusta County Order Book III, page 170.

  13. Robert Emery says

    William Brookshire III, born 30 Dec 1756 in Deep River, then Anson Co., NC; died 20 Jan 1836 in Elkville, Wilkes, NC. He was the son of 84. William Brookshire II and 85. Honour Burk. He married 43. Mary Ann Abt. 1780.

    43. Mary Ann , born 30 Mar 1762; died 26 Mar 1830 in Elkville, Wilkes, NC.

    Notes for William Brookshire III:

    Revolutionary soldier.

    Thanks to Billye D. Jackson, who reads from the book “The Brookshire Family” by Glenna Brookshire Beck and Sheridan Charles Randolph. A notation indicates “William F. Brookshire has copied the following from by Bible of William Brookshire II and his wife Mary Ann. The data was written in William Brookshire’s … own handwriting.”

    He also received a pension for services rendered during the American Revolution; the application was filed in Wilkes Co., NC on 6 Nov 1834. He entered service in August, 1775 (or 1776) and was drafted for a tour of duty in Rowan Co., NC. He was in the company of militia commanded by Capt. Israel Cox & Lieutenant Benjamin Davis, and later Col. Matthew Locke. Later, he was part of a group who pursued Col. David Fanning near the waters of Deep River. His pension was approved

  14. David Bahler says

    I come to this conversation very late, so hopefully folks are still monitoring it. I am slightly confused and hope all can shed some light. Since everyone had the same name it gets quite confusing.

    Toni – The William Brookshire you believe was married to Honour (Honor) was William born 1730?

    Also, you note that you believe that James Burk’s will points to William Brookshire as his son-in-law, which it clearly states; however, the Honora Burk it mentions lists her as his grand daughter. There is no mention of Honour his wife, is that to assume that Honour the wife had passed away – James mentions his other children by name.

    Do we all agree that William Brookshire born 1756 was married to Mary Ann? I find people with references to Mary Ann Marlow and Mary Ann Snu – while I would like to believe it as Mary Ann Marlow I cannot find any proof. Has anyone had success here?

    I would very much like to find a copy of “The Brookshire Family” however I think that will have to wait until I can get to a library that has the reference.

    Is anyone aware of any postings of famaliy trees or line details online?

  15. Tonia Kendrick says

    Hi David, I’ve had to go back and review my notes on this family before responding.

    1. Yes, I believe that the William Brookshire who was born in 1730 was married to Honour Burk.

    2. Yes, I would assume that the daughter Honour Burk died before this will was written. A) She is not listed as one of his children and he says “all his children” in the “In primus” paragraph. B) William Brookshire is named as a son-in-law and the only other child-in-law named was Mary Burke, wife of Benjamin Burke who died two years before the will was written. To me, that implies that both William and Mary were married to deceased children of James Burke.

    3. Regarding the William who was born in 1756 – yes, I’m quite confident that his wife was named Mary Ann. She was named so in the family bible (which I have not seen, but which has been submitted with a DAR application – one day, I hope to get a copy). I’ve never seen her referred to as Mary Ann Snu – only as Mary Ann Marlow, although I have no good proof of that at this point.

    4. I, too, would love to see the Brookshire book. I believe there may be a copy at a library near me – I’ll try to check on that soon.

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