What’s New – 1/21/09

New Military Records Found

CSA Service Record for Francis M. Kendrick! (one step closer to finding POW records)

CSA Service Record for James B. Butler, including POW data

CSA Service file for Ben Hemphill, including POW record

New Information and Records on the Burk(e)s

Several Virginia Land Grants for James Burk

James Burk’s Will

Lots of facts and stories on James Burk, including a close call with Indians

A great story about Rebecca Burke being captured by Indians (check back on 2/6/09 to read story)

Naomi Burke’s husband (Samuel Pepper) and children

Photos and Documents Added

Worth Ward in front of the old Ward homeplace

J. A. Hemphill-Alice Roberts Marriage License

J.Y. Hemphill-Mary Elizabeth McEntire Marriage License

J.Y. Hemphill-Rhoda Jane McEntire Marriage License

New Butler Information

Death date and burial place for Martha Jane (Butler) Ward

Additional children of James Evan Butler: Servana, John, Benjamin

David Butler’s wife (James Evan’s son): Beulah

1910 Census for David Butler household

Mattie L. Butler‘s husband: Charlie Sampler

Anne Beatrice Butler‘s husband: Marvin Jackson

Franklin Marvin Butler‘s wife: Helen Stewart

Olen Butler‘s death place

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