What’s New – 1/28/09

New Census Records

1920 Census for William LaFayette Roberts household

1910 Census for Nellie Ward (Newton Ward household)

1900 Census for Mattie (Butler) and Charles Sampler

1910 Census for Jasper Kendrick household (added two sons)

1910 Census for Francis Kendrick and Carrie (Fouts)

Military Records

POW record for Francis M. Kendrick!

Malinda Gerrin Butler pension file (250  pages!) received from NARA, and a wealth of information:

—>Levi Mote – a cousin of Rhoda Qualls’ – his mother and her father were siblings

—>various residences for James Evan Butler

—>William Sullins‘ birthdate and wife’s name

U. S. Army service record for Francis M. Kendrick

New Garrett Records

Sarah E. Garrett‘s birth date and husband’s name

Nancy Garrett‘s birth date and husband’s name

Murray County Marriage Facts

Marriage date for Jasper Nute Kendrick and Ora Shields

Possible first wife for France Kendrick – Carrie Fouts

First wife for Adolphus Kendrick – Clara Fouts

Marriage date for William Kendrick and Sarah Fouts

Marriage place for E. A. Roberts and Amanda Heartsill

Marriage place for William H. Roberts and Elizabeth Henderson

Marriage place for James S. Roberts and Mary Morgan

Marriage place for E. M. Roberts and Ella Adair

Marriage place for W. L. Roberts and Doshia Townsend

Database Statistics

Individuals: 2,173
Families: 726
Unique Surnames: 479
Photos: 30
Documents: 33
Headstones: 43
Histories: 6
Death Records: 25
Marriage Records: 25
Sources: 242

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