What’s New – 1/7/09

New Marriage Records James Butler-Nancy Floyd Marriage License John Ward-Martha Jane Butler Marriage License New Census Records Found 1870 – Dave “Ballard” (possibly Dave S. Butler) 1920 & 1930 – Newton C. Ward household 1910 & 1930 – William LaFayette Roberts household 1930 – J. A. Hemphill household 1910 – Elijah M. Roberts household (includes […]

Tombstone Tuesday – Churchwell Branch Tucker

Churchwell Branch Tucker was my four-times great-grandfather.  He married Rosamond and they had ten children.  They are buried just south of Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia at the cemetery of New Prospect Church, where C. B. was an active member during his life. This stone has deteriorated badly in the last few years.  I found […]

2008 – The Year In Review

Inspired by DearMyrtle and following the lead of Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings, here is a quick review of last year’s posts: Jan 2008 – Thomas Young Hemphill McEntire – I found an interesting biographical sketch on my 4x great-grandfather. Feb 2008 – John Burgin, Esquire – I came across an ancestor (John Burgin, born 1777), […]

mtDNA Results

About a year ago, I had an mtDNA test performed by FamilyTreeDNA.   mtDNA is short for mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mother to daughter to daughter, ad infinitum (it is also passed from mother to son, but sons do not pass down their mother’s mtDNA).  In other words, mtDNA traces the direct maternal line.  […]