What’s New 6/24/09

I‘ve mostly been working on Hemphills and Dellingers the last couple of weeks.  This post will focus on the new Hemphills that I’ve added.  I found a good descendent register of James Hemphill, which has many third- and fourth-generation descendents that I didn’t have, plus a few earlier generation people.

Agnes Harrill, wife of John Hemphill

Wife and son of Samuel Hemphill

Jean Hemphill and husband, James McDowell

Children of Andrew Hemphill and Catherine McDonald

Parents of the three Whiteside brothers who married three Hemphill sisters

Children of Elizabeth Anna Hemphill and Moses Whiteside

Family of Rachel Hemphill

Family of Ruth Bertha Hemphill

Children of Thomas Hemphill

A possible daughter of William Hemphill and Sarah Morrison

Family of Mary Howard McEntire

Husband of Mary McIntire Whiteside

Husbands of Eleanor Kelly Whiteside

Wife of John William Whiteside

Husband of Rebecca A. Whiteside

Husband of Sarah Jane Whiteside

Husband of Martha Matilda Whiteside

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