Daughters of the American Revolution

I’ve decided to join the DAR.  I’ve thought about this for awhile and finally decided to go forward for a variety of reasons.

  1. Identifying Revolutionary War patriots is one of the things that originally got me interested in genealogy.
  2. Obtaining access to the DAR genealogy files.
  3. Completing the rigorous application process will be a test of my research skills.  I’ll also see exactly what is required; I’d like to establish proofs of the same standard to each of my patriot ancestors (which currently number 12).

Number three is a key reason.  I coud join on my great-aunt’s application and use the short form.  However, my current plan is to join on the service of Captain Thomas Hemphill, which means I have to establish proof of births, deaths, marriages, and connect each of the generations from me to him.  I have quite a few proof documents already.

I contacted the local chapter this week and heard from two members, including the registrar yesterday.  They were very nice and seem eager to  help me through the application process.

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