A Sunday of Cemeteries

My mother and I took my grandmother to visit several cemeteries in Fannin County, Georgia today.  We visited four cemeteries and I got a lot of photographs of headstones for people I already knew about and a lot of photos of “mystery cousins” that may or may not pan out.  I took the GPS with me, so now I have coordinates for all these cemeteries (otherwise, I would never find them again on my own.)

The first cemetery that we stopped at was in Morganton.  My great-aunt Bondell and her husband are buried there.  The cemetery is between Church Street and Lakewood Highway.  There is a church next door, but the church and cemetery are not affiliated.  I do not know what the name of the cemetery is.

Fannin County Georgia genealogyOur second stop was at the Dial Church of Christ – a pretty, little country church with a bell on top (see photo at left).  My grandmother’s great-grandparents are buried in the cemetery.  I got a photo of her great-grandfather’s tombstone (Coleman Forrester) and of the tombstone of a daughter of his that I didn’t know about.

Next, we went to Stock Hill, where my grandmother’s parents, grandparents, and many of her Johnson aunts, uncles, and cousins are buried.  The cemetery sits next to the Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church, but again, the church and cemetery are not affiliated.  However, my grandmother’s grandfather, Reuben Johnson, gave the original church the land on which the churchhouse sits.

A few hundred yards up the road is Stock Hill Cemetery which is full of Garretts.  I don’t know who any of them are, but I’ll certainly have fun finding out.  Also buried in this cemetery is Sarah Latty; she is not a relative, but someone I’ve always heard my grandmother speak of.  Sarah Latty often took care of her when she was little.  My grandmother gave me a rocking chair that had belonged to Sarah Latty (which, unfortunately, I no longer own).

As a bonus, I also got photos of two old houses – one is where my dad lived when he was very little and the other is the old homeplace where my grandmother lived when she was a little girl.

Today was a full day of genealogy.  I have a lot of work to do to analyze and compile the information that was obtained today.  I’ll close with the classic epitaph, as a tribute to the ancestors and relatives whose graves we visited today:

Gone, but not forgotten.

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