Favorite Genealogy Websites

These are my top ten favorite websites for genealogy research (I have not included blogs – they will be the subject of another post).   Most are big sites, whether commercial, government, or volunteer-supported, but a few are personal sites that have been particularly helpful in my own research.

  1. Ancestry.  The census records alone make the subscription fee worthwhile.  I can remember the days of traveling to the Federal Archives in Atlanta and going blind looking at microfilm, feeling lucky if I found one or two records in a whole day.
  2. Footnote – Fold 3.  More documents, from pension records to death certificates.
  3. USGenWeband all the state and county Genweb sites.  Some sites have more information than others, but in general there is a wealth of information to be found and all is supplied by volunteer efforts.
  4. Georgia’s Virtual Vault.  I am so proud that my state that has such outstanding online archives.  There are images of death certificates, marriage certificates, pension records, photos, and much more.
  5. Find-a-Grave.  I love having access to gravestone images for cemeteries that I may never be able to visit in person.
  6. Google Books.  Such a terrific resource.  I recently did a quck search on my great-grandfather and found a report in a legal journal from 1919 where he had sued the bank where I now work.  He won the suit, by the way.
  7. North Carolina State Archives.  Another fine example of online archives.  They don’t have as many images as Georgia (at least not images that are useful to me), but their indexing system is outstanding and a great source of information.
  8. Marty and Karla Grant.  This is a personal website that is very well-documented and that has great analysis of the research.  I have found lots of information on Strouds and Hemphills there.
  9. PlanetMurphy.org.  This is another personal website with information on the Burks and Banes.   It is also well-documented, with a great presentation.
  10. Stoy Family of Northern Virginia.  Another well-documented personal website with information on Rudds and their Kendrick connections.

That’s my top ten.  I wonder if it will look different in a year?

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