What’s New – 7/29/09

New Photos

Dave Butler at home on Rock Creek
Rosa (Ellis) Roberts, Alice Roberts, Mary Pendley
Hemphill Women

New Census Records

William Henson Patterson household: 1880, 1900, 1920

New Documents

Newspaper clipping about great-aunts attending Lucy Hill Institute
Newspaper clipping about 1951 Hemphill reunion
Newspaper clipping referring to the Hemphill boys in the service (WWII)
Newspaper clipping about Edna Jo Butler accepting a teaching position
Mary Elizabeth (McEntire) Hemphill obituary
Newspaper clipping about Elmer Hemphill on leave from the war
Newspaper clipping announcing Robert Hemphill‘s election to city council
My grandparent’s wedding announcement
Robert Hemphill obituary
Newspaper clipping about an Easter Egg hunt hosted by great-aunts (love the Social News!)
Alice (Roberts) Hemphill death certificate
Newspaper clipping about birthday dinner for Jim and Elmer Hemphill

New People

Family of William Henson Patterson


I spent last Saturday morning at the library, researching Langstons in Granville County, NC. The more I worked, the less sense the records made. I went back to my database and realized that I have absolutely no proof that Martin Langston‘s father was Zorabale (spelling?) Langston, which puts everything from Z. Langston up into question. So, I’ve removed the connection between Martin and Z. All the data regarding these Langstons is still in the database, in the event that I do find proof of the connection. If you have any information regarding Martin Langston’s parentage, please leave a comment.

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