What’s New 8/19/09

New Census Records 1880 Census, Murray County – various Roberts’ households Death Records Jesse Lafayette Forrester death certificate 1880 Gilmer County Census Mortality Schedule 1850 Gilmer County Census Mortality Schedule New Facts Thomas L. Hemphill death date Michael Whitener death date Cause of death for James E. Ellis Cause of death for Walter W. Ellis […]

North Carolina Road Trip


I got home today from the genealogy road trip to Asheville, North Carolina that I’ve been planning for a couple of weeks.   Many of my ancestors lived in the Old Fort area (about 20 miles outside Asheville) for several generations before coming to Georgia.  My plan for the trip was to visit the McDowell County […]

What’s New 8/12/2009

New Census Records 1840 Census:  Bradley County, TN – John Roberts HH, 1840 Census:  Bradley County, TN – Martin Langston HH, Thomas Atchley HH 1910 Census:  Whitfield County, GA – Edward A. Roberts HH 1910 Census:  Murray County, GA – various Roberts’ HHs 1920 Census:  Murray County, GA – various Roberts’ HHs Death Records Various […]

And then there were 16

Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Assignment is to list one’s 16 great-great-grandparents, include their dominant ancestry and to calculate one’s own dominant ancestry. My spin on this is to look back an additional four generations from the ggg’s in order to identify their ancestry.  Many, many of my ancestors were already on these shores […]

Photoshopping Headstones

Forrester genealogy

The fabulous Lisa Louise Cooke, of the Genealogy Gems podcast, has an article in the September 2009 edition of Family Tree Magazine about transforming gravestones with photo-editing software to bring out the unreadable details.  I admit, I was skeptical about how much improvement could really be made. However, I had a couple of photos from […]

August Birthdays

Let’s recognize ancestors and close relatives who were born in August: Agnes Kattermann, 9x-great-grandmother, born 20 Aug 1634. William Garrett, 7x-great-grandfather, born 21 Aug 1643 in Leicestershire, Darby, England. Johans Philip Dellinger, 7x-great-grandfather, born 24 Aug 1706 in Oberacker, Kraichtal, Baden-Wurtemberg. Rhoda Cunningham, 4x-great-grandmother, born 15 Aug 1763 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Maud Angeline Whitener, […]

My Genealogical Threes

I’m playing along with Randy Seaver‘s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.   This week’s assignment is to: Tell us your three responses to the questions: Three genealogical libraries I frequent Three places I’ve visited on genealogy trips Three genealogy societies I belong to (or want to) Three websites that help my research Three ancestral graves that I’ve […]