Journey Across the Pond

genealogyMost lines of my family tree came to America before 1750.  I have very little documentation of their journey across the pond at this point, as I’ve been concentrating on completing my American records first.

Confirmed Passenger Lists

The only passenger list that I have is for the Albrecht/Albright family who traveled from Palatine Germany on the Johnson Galley and arrived in Philadelphia in 1732.

Unconfirmed Passenger Records

I have ship names for three other families who came to America, although I haven’t located the passenger lists yet.  Johans Philip Dellinger and his son, Heinrich, sailed on the ship Two Brothers, from Germany to Philadelphia, and arrived in 1750.  Johannes Christopher Mull also came from Germany; he sailed on the ship Pennsilvania, and arrived in Philadelphia in 1731.  Johannes Wilfong completed the pattern, traveling from Germany to Pennsylvania on the St. Andrew’s Galley in 1734.

Unknown Travel Records

Lastly, are the ancestors who likely immigrated, although I have only anecdotal evidence regarding their homelands and immigration dates.  Mordecai Bane emigrated from Scotland to Pennsylvania in 1715.  Philip Burgin emigrated from England in 1677; he settled in Maryland, although I do not know the port at which he landed.  Captain Roger Mallory immigrated to Virginia from England in 1660.  Thomas Young Hemphill McEntire came from Ireland and settled in North Carolina sometime before 1790.  Theobold Poffh immigrated to Pennsylvania before 1727.  Johannes Heinrich Schneider, his daughter Catherina, and her husband Peter Weidner traveled from Germany to Pennsylvania before 1724.

I admire these people so much.  I can’t imagine the courage, and possibly the desperation, that it took to pack up their lives and voyage thousands of miles on tiny ships.  Their leap of faith across the pond and into a new life made my life possible.

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