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Misses Hemphill Easter Egg Hunt

Misses Hemphill Easter Egg Hunt

Those enjoying an Easter egg hunt given by the Misses Hemphill’s Sunday afternoon were, Messrs. Mack and Ben Leonard, Grady and Earl Roberts, Charles and Dee Adams, Charlie and Earl Wilbanks, Wallace Thompson, Fred Dunn, Mort Peeples, Alex Baggett, Drew Duncan, Frank Leonard, Misses Lula and Onnie McClure, of Ramhurst, Pearl and Exie Thompson, Catherine and Jennie Mae Wright, Lillian Glenn, Minnie Rickett, Golda Mae Adams, Ruby Simpson, Esther Shelton, Tenny Cantrell, Berta Roberts, Estelle Wilbanks, Edna Earl Cox, Clara Davis, Pauline Moreland, Martha Holbrooks, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Parker, Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Dickie, Mrs. B. H. Wilbanks.

Based on other dates in the original clipping, this announcement was probably published about April 1916, which means it was likely published in The Chatsworth Times.  The Misses Hemphill are Blanche and Edna, who would have been 18 and 16 at the time; this was not a children’s party.

Source:  Hemphill Scrapbook, D. H. Davis, “Social,” undated clipping in unnamed newspaper, ca. 1916.

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  1. Kay Moreland Hargett says

    I was scrolling through some of the Moreland photos on Ancestry and saw some posted of Tom & Evie Moreland. The lady whose tree they were on said she lives in SC and told me I should contact you. I am a descendent of this line of Morelands. Alson Moreland’s son James Mitchell was my great-grandfather. I grew up in Murray Co. until I graduated from MCHS and we moved to Ringgold. Several of my relatives lived in Chatsworth. Do you have other photos of the Morelands? I have a tree on Ancestry, but I have not made it public yet. Kay

  2. Tonia Kendrick says

    Hi Kay, so nice to hear from you. My great-grandmother was Alice Roberts, Evie’s sister. I don’t have any Moreland pictures, but I do have several of various Roberts’.

    I’m in Chatsworth, btw. Do you know the house that Tom and Evie lived in on 5th Avenue – the stucco house? I used to live in the house next door.

  3. Kay Moreland Hargett says

    Yes, I know the house….where Dewey & Grace Leonard used to live. I lived in my aunt’s house behind you and across the street from J.L. Moreland’s house from 2000-2001 while I was house hunting…small world.

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Oh, that is so funny. I can’t believe you lived behind me. So, you’re Mrs. Cole’s niece, right? My first year of 4-H was with Mr. Cole.

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