Weekly Updates for 2009-11-25

  • Interesting news. . .DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog: DAR: Online databases now available http://ow.ly/DylA #
  • RT @footnote: Check out our new Native American Collection. Explore unique documents and share Native American heritage. http://bit.ly/sLNEk #
  • Ditto. RT @rjseaver: highlighted the 84th Carnival of Gen., and Jasia, our carnival goddess, in http://tinyurl.com/COG84th Thanks, Jasia! #
  • RT @23andMe: Blog Post- Introducing Relative Finder: The Newest Feature from 23andMe: Get ready — there’s a whole new http://bit.ly/3ckxTR #
  • Abstracted 1900 census records for James Evan Butler household. #genealogy #surnames #
  • Found and abstracted 1900 census record for Martha A. MCENTIRE 1833 – ?. She was a spinster and farmed her own land. http://ow.ly/EaEU #
  • Found and abstracted 1900 census records for Thomas & Mattie Hemphill household.  Another cousin John Butler was a boarder #
  • Uploaded 1900 census images for Ball Ground, Murray Co, GA, pp 6B and 7A. Butler, McEntire, Hemphill #surnames. http://ow.ly/Emxz #
  • Had a good #genealogy day! #
  • Scanned photo of great-aunt Annie Kate (Hemphill) Bryan, taken when they lived in Florida during WWII. http://ow.ly/EAFa #
  • I’m in. RT @baysideresearch: I’m in! RT @SqueakyChu: For 2010, take the 1010 Reading Challenge. http://bit.ly/1jqy0e #LibraryThing #
  • Uploaded headstone for Nina Melissa GREENLEE 1907 – 2004. She was a sergeant in WWII. http://ow.ly/EAH6 #
  • Uploaded headstone photo for Joseph George HEMPHILL 1850 – 1864. http://ow.ly/EAJd #genealogy #surnames #
  • Uploaded headstone photo for Columbus P. HEMPHILL 1857 – 1864. http://ow.ly/EALc #genealogy #surnames #
  • Uploaded 1900 census image for Doolittle District, Murray, GA. Whitener, Patterson #surnames http://ow.ly/EAMW #genealogy #
  • Reading: relatively curious about genealogy: Finding Family Stories in Online Digitized Books http://ow.ly/EG86 #
  • Found death certificate for Edward Austin ROBERTS 1861 – 1930 http://ow.ly/Fn42 #genealogy #surnames #
  • Finally registered to do Family Search indexing! #
  • Coincidence? Working on first FS indexing batch. First item is a death cert. The attending Dr. boarded with my g-g-g-grandfather in 1900. #
  • Finished my first indexing batch. Easy and fun! #
  • Trying out Roots Magic. I may be in love. #

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