Follow Friday: Kreativ Blogger Award

kreative_bloggerSeveral days ago, Sharon of Kindred Footprints bestowed me with the Kreativ Blogger Award, a meme which has been flying through the geneablogger community for the last few weeks.  Thanks Sharon!

The rules say that I must reveal seven things about myself, then pass the award on to seven other blogs, so here goes.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me (and My Family History)

1.  I was born in Hawaii.

2.  My parents are third cousins, once removed.

3.  Three of my grandparents are still living (and on a belated-Thanksgiving note, I’m very thankful for this).

4.  One of my great-grandfathers sued the company for whom I now work.

5.  One of my great-great-grandfathers served in both the U. S. and Confederate Armies during the Civil War.

6.  One of my great-great-great-grandfathers was killed by a roving gang of Union sympathizers near the close of the Civil War.

7.  One of my great-great-great-great-grandfathers was married three times and fathered 22 children (some of these children’s ages overlap – he was quite the ladies man).

And the Kreative Blogger Award Goes To:

What’s Past is Prologue

Taneya’s Genealogy Blog

Little Bytes of Life

Bluebonnet Country Genealogy


Tangled Trees

Sands of Time

So, in Follow Friday tradition, check out these blogs for the great stories they have to tell.

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  1. says

    Hi Tonia!

    Thank you so much for this award!

    Your site is new to me, so I thought I’d stop by. Impressive! I love the way you have your TNG database embedded in you blog, works great! I tried TNG for my database, but I just never got the hang of it, I guess. Didn’t work out for me. I also use WordPress for my site and I love it!
    Anyway, good luck with your research and thanks so much for the award. You have a new follower, too! :)


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