Surname Saturday: Kendrick

Kendrick is my own surname.  It’s a challenging line to research, as I have found little documentation prior to the mid-1800’s.  I have yet to discover an immigrant ancestor in this line, but expect to find him coming from Great Britain.

Francis Taylor Kendrick (1876 – 1966) was my paternal grandfather’s father.  He had dark hair and blue eyes. 1   He was married twice and had three children with his first wife 2 and four with his second wife, Lizzie West (my line).3  As far as I know, France lived his entire life in Murray County, GA.  He was a farmer 4 and also owned and operated a general store.5

His father, Francis Marion Kendrick (1844 – 1932) served in both the Confederate 6 and U. S. 7 armies during the Civil War.  He and his wife,8 Barbara Baxter, had 11 children.  He was a farmer for many years; in 1910, he was a mail route carrier employed by the federal government.9

F. M.’s father was Thomas S. Kendrick (1821 – 1882).  Thomas is the Kendrick who migrated to Georgia.  He was born in Tennessee, but I don’t know what part.10  From 1830 to 1850, he lived in the southeast corner of the state in McMinn/Polk counties.  By 1860, he had crossed the state line into Murray County, GA.  His wife was Mahala Lawson; they had nine children.11

Robert Kendrick (1747 – 1828) is the earliest known ancestor in this line.  I have little documentation on Robert and no primary sources at this time.  He probably was married to Frances Rudd, who was presumably the inspiration for Francis as a given name later in the line.12

Kendrick migration route:

Possibly Hanover, VA -> Blount County, TN -> McMinn County, TN -> Polk County, TN -> Murray County, GA.

According to World Names Profiler, the heaviest concentration of Kendricks today is in the U. K, specifically in the West Midlands and Northwest areas of England.  This gives me a clue for researching my immigrant ancestor.

Kendrick genealogy

More about my Kendrick family:

Spelling variations:  Kindrick (I see this often in my line), Kendricks, Hendricks

If you have additional information (or corrections) on this Kendrick line, comments are most appreciated!

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  1. Helen Davies says

    Hello Tonia,
    I came across your website, since I have Kendrick ancestors. I noticed the last listing you show, that of Robert Kendrick. I did a search of him on, based on his birth year. Here is some info you may want to look over if you haven’t seen it. It gives parents names and his birthdate. I’m assuming this may be your same Robert Kendrick, born in 1747 Bromborough,​ Cheshire,​ England.
    I enjoyed viewing your site. I’m glad to see that you have a passion for geneology, as I do. I think some of us are just more cut out for it than others. I do understand obsession. :-)
    I am related to Sarah Kendrick, b 1803 York Co SC. Her parents were William Kendrick b 1775 and Winifred Darnall b 1779, both born in Mecklenberg Co NC, bordering York Co SC. She married into my Cunningham bloodline.
    Happy Searching! I hope you find all you are seeking. Helen Davies/Dallas, TX.

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Helen, thanks for the info. I will check that out.

      Btw, I have Cunninghams also, who came from South Carolina to North Carolina. Rhoda Cunningham (1763-1848) whose father was Humphrey. Any connection to yours?

      • says

        Since I was last here, I have happily discovered that I am indeed related to Humphrey and Rhoda Simeral Cunningham. What a joy to make this
        connection, after trying to connect them for almost 2yrs. So you and I
        are in some distant way related. I’m also related to Kendricks, as I mentioned
        in my last post. But I have really turned a corner in my Cunningham ancestry
        and it’s been a huge joy and relief. Humphrey and Rhoda Cunningham are
        my direct line. I saw a photo of Rhoda Simeral Cunningham that was sent to me.
        I will see if I can find it and share it with you. Altho you may have seen it already
        by now.
        Happy hunting in those areas you are still seeking. Best wishes in all things
        and thanks for your beautiful site. Helen/Dallas,TX.

  2. Helen Davies says

    Tonia, I failed to subscribe to your RSS feed in the past but will do so and am just coming across your last post. I do not know if I’m related to Humphrey and Rhoda Cunningham. I’ve tried to make the connection but so far I haven’t been able to. I’m still trying to find out who Sarah J Kendrick b 1803 York Co SC married. She is my ggg grandmother. Her son is William Kendrick Cunningham b 1822 Mecklenburg Co NC. I haven’t been able to locate his dad, who was married to Sarah Sallie J Kendrick, and have been looking for him for 1.5yrs. I’ve exhausted my search by now. Are you related to Sarah J Kendrick from York Co SC? Per my last post, her parents were William Kendrick b 1775 and Winifred Darnall b 1779. He died young, I think about 1804. Sarah Jane Kendrick had two brothers, Edmund/Edmond and Richard. After their dad (Wm Kendrick) died, the three siblings were sent to live with a relative, Uncle Dinkins in the York Co SC area. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Do you know who Sarah Jane Kendrick is in your bloodline? If so, do you know who she married? I’m assuming she is Sarah Jane and not Sarah Jones Kendrick. I’m not sure. I know she was named after a relative, Sarah Jones Kendrick. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Is there anything you are seeking that I can help you with? Happy hunting! Helen/Dallas,TX.

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Helen, thanks for coming back to comment. None of this rings a bell with me. My Kendrick ancestors came from Virginia to Tennessee to Georgia. Of course, there could have have been siblings that went to the Carolinas. I haven’t researched the collateral lines very much yet.

      It was nice hearing from you again!


  3. Helen Davies says

    I’m going to advise a cousin, Donnie Kendrick, of your site. He’s a fairly seasoned researcher, much longer than myself. I don’t know if you two know each other. I can’t remember if he’s from the Edmund or Richard Kendrick line/York Co SC. I will give him your site info so he can connect with you if he needs to.
    Best wishes, HelenDavies/Dallas,TX.

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