Genealogy To-Dos – December Wrap-Up


December was my first month posting a list of genealogy tasks that I wanted to accomplish during the month.  How did I do? Look for marriage record for John William Stroud and Mary Jane Hemphill. – Done.  Okay, I forgot about it until I printed my list this morning.  But it was easy to find, […]

Weekly Update: December 30, 2009

Uploaded 1920 U. S. Census, Oklahoma, Hughes, Dustin, p. 10B. Ledbetter, Patterson #surnames Reading Above the Trees: 15-Minute Family History: Make a Holiday Binder New blog post: Surname Saturday: Hemphill, part 1 Abstracted 1860 census info for Robert WEST (1839 – ?) & family in Polk County, TN. Abstracted 1900 census […]

Reflections and Resolutions


Anniversaries invite us to reflect, review, and plan for the future.  Today is the two-year anniversary of this blog, which combined with the year-end, puts me in a particularly reflective mood.  I’ve been thinking about what I’ve accomplished and what goals I want to set for the coming year.  The 87th edition of the Carnival […]

Surname Saturday: Hemphill, part 1

Hemphill is the most common surname in my genealogy database for good reason.  I descend from Hemphills on both sides of my family and through multiple lines with all lines leading to the same common ancestor.  Today, I’m going to work my way backward through Hemphill ancestors (using Ahnentafel numbers) to the first common ancestor, […]

Weekly Updates for 2009-12-16

Received my first (free!) Early Reviewer book from Library Thing! # Uploaded 1910 Census, Georgia, Murray, Alaculsy, p5A. Kendrick, Baxter, Sharp #surnames. # Just found out @FHExpos is coming to Atlanta in Nov. 2010. Now I know what genealogy conference I’m going to. # I might. Thanks for the info. RT @CRBourland: […]

The Devil Made Me Do It

“To err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish.” – Benjamin Franklin If you read my December To-Do list, you know that one of the things I’m working on this month is looking for source records to verify facts in an ahnentafel report that my cousin sent me.  It’s not that I don’t trust […]

Weekly Updates for 2009-12-09

Cool, my granny was a one. RT @littlebyteslife: CA #DAR participated a few yrs ago.RT @WWIIToday: Know a Rosie from WWII? # Indexed batch of 10 GA death certificates for FamilySearch. Many died on Christmas. Sad. # Uploaded 1920 Census, Georgia,Fannin County, Stock Hill, p. 1B. Garrett, Johnson, Ward #surnames # Located marriage license […]

Tombstone Tuesday: John and Sarah Tucker


This tombstone marks the burial place of my 4x-great-uncle, John William Tucker and his wife, Sarah Jane.  John’s sister, Elizabeth (Tucker) Ellis, was my 3x-great-grandmother. I know very little about John and Sarah.  John was born March 30, 1840 in Murray County and died March 24, 1924, also in Murray County.  He lived to be […]