Dear Genea-Santa

COGHolidayPart2Dear Genea-Santa,

I have three genealogy wishes and if you could help me with any of them, I would really appreciate it.  I promise to be a good genealogist – to make a list of all avenues of research and check it twice, to document my sources, and share my findings.

1.  Barbara Baxter, my great-great-grandmother.  Oh, Genea-Santa, please help me find something, some small clue, about her parents.  I learned their names earlier this year, but the trail stopped cold after that.

2.  The Hemphill Family Bible.  You know the one I mean; it was referenced in Hemphills of North Carolina and records the vital records of Thomas Hemphill and Mary Ann Mackie’s descendants, all the way down to my grandfather’s siblings.  I don’t want to own the bible.  I just want to know that it hasn’t been lost or destroyed.  If you do locate the bible and could prod the person who has it to donate it to a repository where it could be accessed by others, that would be icing on the cake.

3.  Family photos.  Any family photos.  I’m not picky.

That’s it, Genea-Santa.  There will be brownies on the mantle on Christmas Eve.  And don’t be afraid of Chocolate when you stop by.  She just wants to play with the reindeer.



This post was written for the 86th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.  To see other posts I’ve written for the COG, click here.


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