Genealogy To-Dos – December Wrap-Up

December was my first month posting a list of genealogy tasks that I wanted to accomplish during the month.  How did I do?

  • Look for marriage record for John William Stroud and Mary Jane Hemphill. – Done.  Okay, I forgot about it until I printed my list this morning.  But it was easy to find, so I can cross this item off.
  • Order death certificates for two great-grandmothers:  Rachel (Johnson) Ward and Lizzie (West) Kendrick. – I actually went a lot further on this.  I had originally planned to get 2 death certificates a month, in order to spread the cost out.  But I found out that GA death certificates are increasing from $10 to $15 on January 2, 2010, so I decided to go ahead and get the certificates for all my direct line folks who died in GA.  I’ve visited nearby vital records offices and ordered some certificates from the state.  I’m going to get the last four this afternoon.  So, instead of two, I’ve obtained or ordered nine.
  • Abstract (or update previously-done abstractions, if necessary) 10 census pages and update the citations:  Newton C. Ward – 1920, 1910, 1900; Rachel Louisa Johnson – 1920, 1910, 1900; Francis Marion Kendrick (g-g-grandfather) – 1930, 1920, 1910, 1870 (couldn’t find this one). – I got a lot more done on this project than I had planned.  In addition to the above, I also abstracted Francis Marion Kendrick – 1860, 1850; Barbara Baxter 1930, 1920, 1910, 1900, 1880; Thomas S. Kendrick 1880, 1860, 1850; Mahala Lawson 1880, 1860, 1850; William West 1920, 1910, 1900, 1880, 1870, 1860, 1850; Leaty Lankford 1930, 1920, 1910, 1900, 1880, 1870; Robert West 1880, 1860, 1850; Anna Mariah Cook 1850; Wyatt Lankford 1880, 1870, 1850; and Morning Tabitha Bruer 1880, 1870, 1850.
  • Finish looking for (online) source records to verify facts referenced in Ahnentafel report that cousin P. sent me. – Oh, way too ambitious.  This report is 24 pages.  I had already verified some of the facts, and some were facts I already had, so I thought I could get through the whole thing.  Wrong.  I’m currently on p. 11, so we’ll be seeing this item again in January.
  • Index 40 names on FamilySearch. – this is another one that I let slip by.  I indexed 20 names early in the month and did 20 more this morning.

I hope that’s not too much and will leave me some room to chase down a few rabbits. – I did have time to do some rabbit-chasing.  I took advantage of my time off from work to research and try to sort out some of my paternal grandfather’s lines – Kendrick, West, Lankford, and Baxter.  I’m still puzzled and will probably write some posts about them in the next few weeks to clarify my thoughts.  I also scanned some photos of my grandmother’s and finally finished processing and uploading the headstone photos I took in North Carolina in August.

So, that’s it.  A big genealogy month.  I don’t expect to get this much done every month.  I had two weeks off from work and devoted a lot of that time to genealogy.  Stay tuned for my January To-Do List in a couple of days.

Genealogy Database Stats

  • Total Individuals:  2661
  • Families:  884
  • Unique Surnames:  572
  • Photos:  67
  • Documents:  133
  • Headstones 84
  • Death Records:  70
  • Marriage Records:  361
  • Sources:  361

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

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