March 2010

Weekly Updates for 2010-03-24

24 March 2010 Evidence

RT @tjlgenes: Reading about Georgia Pioneers #genealogy # Discovered two wives of John Wilfong WHITENER, Jr. (1818 – 1876). #genealogy #surnames #

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Tombstone Tuesday: Mary (Patterson) Whitener

23 March 2010 Evidence

Mary (Patterson) Whitener was my great-great-grandmother.  She was born February 7, 1869, likely in Gilmer County, Georgia.  She married Bill Whitener in 1883.  They had eight children, the oldest of whom was my great-grandmother, Maud Angeline.  Mary and Bill were married in Gilmer County, but had moved to Murray County, Georgia before Maud’s birth in […]

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Weekly Updates for 2010-03-17

17 March 2010 Evidence

RT @megansmolenyak: Learn more re: #genealogy research for Emmitt Smith’s #WDYTYA show from @progenealogists: # #surnames Saturday in GA: Brookshire, Butler, Carnes, Ellis, Forrester, Garrett, Hemphill, Johnson, Kendrick, Lankford # #surnames Saturday in GA: McEntire, Patterson, Quarles, Roberts, Searcy, Stroud, Tucker, Ward, West, Whitener # Posted “A Gentleman Named “Pioneer Ben”” on Genealogy Wise: […]

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Twice Told Tuesday: Lucy Hill Institute Notes

16 March 2010 And More

Rev. Simmons of Rome, Ga., visited our school Monday morning and conducted devotional exercises, after which he gave a talk of encouragement. Jeff Wood entered school Monday, and is boarding at the Shields House. Blanche and Edna Hemphill are among the new students of this week. Flora Gordon, Effie Lee Brown, Minnie Barksdale, Stella Leonard […]

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Monday Madness: Chipping Away at the Baxter Brick Wall

15 March 2010 Most Wanted

I’ve written before about my Baxter brick wall. Barbara E. (or possibly A.) Baxter is my great-great-grandmother and the wife of Francis Marion Kendrick.  She probably was born in 18541 and died March 5, 1939.2  She and F. M. were married April 16, 1871. For a long time, all that I knew about Barbara, other […]

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Surname Saturday: Murder, Mayhem, and Bigamy

13 March 2010 And More

Butler, my paternal grandmother’s line, presents research challenges, but when you find the people, they’re interesting! James Benjamin BUTLER (1880 – 1944) is my paternal grandmother’s father.  He was tall, with blue eyes and sandy hair.  Like most people in the rural south, James was a farmer.  He later became Sheriff of Murray County, a […]

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Weekly Updates for 2010-03-10

10 March 2010 Evidence

Elizabeth Alexander is my cousin! We both descend from William Mallory (and I just made the Alexander connection – duh). #FOA # Mine ordered- RT @megansmolenyak: “Who Do You Think You Are?” bk released tomorrow! Wld B grateful for RTs! ( ) #WDYTYA # #WDYTYA book was on my Kindle this morning. Can’t wait […]

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Tombstone Tuesday: James and Maud Butler

9 March 2010 Evidence

James Benjamin Butler and Maud Whitener were my great-grandparents.  Jim was born November 24, 1880 in Murray County, Georgia.  He was a farmer and later the sheriff of Murray County.  He died November 28, 1944. Maud was born in August 27, 1885 in Murray County, Georgia.  She died April 7, 1975.    Jim and Maud lived […]

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A Place for All Their Faces

8 March 2010 And More

We are the sum of all the people who have lived before us. Meryl Streep, Faces of America   These are the women who inform who I am today.  Some are ancestors.  Some are aunts or cousins or in-laws.  Some I knew in person. Some I know only through photos and stories and documents.  They […]

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Aunt Thelma’s Potato Soup

7 March 2010 And More

Today’s Fearless Female prompt from The Accidental Genealogist is to: Share a favorite recipe from your mother or grandmother’s kitchen. Why is this dish your favorite? If you don’t have one that’s been passed down, describe a favorite holiday or other meal you shared with your family. I have a number of recipes that have […]

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