Weekly Updates for 2010-06-30


Reading “Tribe moves to implement DNA testing for new applicants to Cherokee rolls” http://ht.ly/22wlT #genealogy # Created an @footnote page for Samuel Mackie. http://ht.ly/22RgL #genealogy # Reading: Southern California Genealogical Society’s 2010 Jamboree: The Conclusion http://ht.ly/22YEF||good #genealogy conference tips! # Blog post: Using @Evernote for #Genealogy http://ht.ly/22Wwf # Cleaning up problems in my #genealogy database. […]

Goals and Resolutions: Mid-Year Review


Back in December, I wrote a couple of posts regarding my genealogy resolutions, goals, and research plans for 2010.  Now that the year is halfway over, I wanted to take stock of what I’ve done and refresh myself on some goals that I may have forgotten about. I set three types of goals:  research, writing, […]

Surname Saturday: West

West genealogy

West is another of the family lines for which I only have three generations of information.  I’ve only known about the Wests for a couple of years. Lizzie West (1886-1973), my great-grandmother, was the second wife of Francis Taylor Kendrick.  As far as I know, she lived in Murray County, Georgia all her life.  She […]

Using Evernote for Genealogy


I‘ve been using Evernote for a little over a week now and I love it.  I wanted to share what I like about it, how I’m using it and, hopefully, gets tips from others. As a brief overview for those who are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a note-organizing software program.  There are desktop versions, […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-06-23


Created an @Footnote page for Avery P. Whitener. http://ht.ly/1ZS2e #genealogy # Blog post: Treasure Chest Thursday: A Watercolor http://ht.ly/1ZZZW #genealogy # RT @WomenOfHistory: Women who strive to be equal to men lack ambition. -Anonymous # Reading: 1851 Sterne visits the Halls http://ht.ly/20sUt @benotforgot #genealogy # Blog post: Jim Butler Army Enlistment http://ht.ly/20s4g #genealogy # RT […]

William Taylor Butler: Tombstone Tuesday

Butler genealogy

William Taylor Butler was the son of David Sanford Butler and Malinda Josephine Hemphill.  He was born April 19, 1892 and died November 19, 1951.1 I haven’t done much research on William; most of the information that I have found has been a by-product of other research.  He is found at home with his parents […]

Jim Butler Army Enlistment

Butler genealogy

A few days ago, my dad called wanting to know if I could find his grandfather‘s military records so that he could order a marker to be placed at the new Murray County Veterans Memorial Park.  Specifically, he needs Jim’s service dates, latest rank, and any medals he may have been awarded. I immediately logged […]

Treasure Chest Thursday: A Watercolor


This is my first foray into Treasure Chest Thursday and I knew immediately what treasure I wanted to start with. This photo is of a watercolor painting of the old Butler house.  The original painting hangs in my living room. The painting is special to me for a variety of reasons.  First, related to the house itself, […]