June 2010

Weekly Updates for 2010-06-30

30 June 2010 DNA

Reading “Tribe moves to implement DNA testing for new applicants to Cherokee rolls” http://ht.ly/22wlT #genealogy # Created an @footnote page for Samuel Mackie. http://ht.ly/22RgL #genealogy # Reading: Southern California Genealogical Society’s 2010 Jamboree: The Conclusion http://ht.ly/22YEF||good #genealogy conference tips! # Blog post: Using @Evernote for #Genealogy http://ht.ly/22Wwf # Cleaning up problems in my #genealogy database. […]

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Goals and Resolutions: Mid-Year Review

29 June 2010 And More

Back in December, I wrote a couple of posts regarding my genealogy resolutions, goals, and research plans for 2010.  Now that the year is halfway over, I wanted to take stock of what I’ve done and refresh myself on some goals that I may have forgotten about. I set three types of goals:  research, writing, […]

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Surname Saturday: West

26 June 2010 Family Stories

West is another of the family lines for which I only have three generations of information.  I’ve only known about the Wests for a couple of years. Lizzie West (1886-1973), my great-grandmother, was the second wife of Francis Taylor Kendrick.  As far as I know, she lived in Murray County, Georgia all her life.  She […]

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52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 25

25 June 2010 And More

This week’s challenge is to: Write one good, solid comment on at least one genealogy blog every day for a week. Sometimes we get busy and the genealogy reading we should be doing just piles up. The same thing happens with blogs. This week, take some time to read genealogy blogs. Select at least one […]

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Using Evernote for Genealogy

24 June 2010 Technology

I‘ve been using Evernote for a little over a week now and I love it.  I wanted to share what I like about it, how I’m using it and, hopefully, gets tips from others. As a brief overview for those who are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a note-organizing software program.  There are desktop versions, […]

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Weekly Updates for 2010-06-23

23 June 2010 Evidence

Created an @Footnote page for Avery P. Whitener. http://ht.ly/1ZS2e #genealogy # Blog post: Treasure Chest Thursday: A Watercolor http://ht.ly/1ZZZW #genealogy # RT @WomenOfHistory: Women who strive to be equal to men lack ambition. -Anonymous # Reading: 1851 Sterne visits the Halls http://ht.ly/20sUt @benotforgot #genealogy # Blog post: Jim Butler Army Enlistment http://ht.ly/20s4g #genealogy # RT […]

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William Taylor Butler: Tombstone Tuesday

22 June 2010 Evidence

William Taylor Butler was the son of David Sanford Butler and Malinda Josephine Hemphill.  He was born April 19, 1892 and died November 19, 1951.1 I haven’t done much research on William; most of the information that I have found has been a by-product of other research.  He is found at home with his parents […]

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Most Prolific Father

21 June 2010 Family Stories

Randy Seaver’s SNGF challenge this week (and yes, I realize I’m two days late) is to: Determine who is one of the most prolific fathers in your genealogy database or in your ancestry. By prolific, I mean the one who fathered the most children. This one was easy for me.  John D. Wilfong Whitener, my […]

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Jim Butler Army Enlistment

18 June 2010 Military

A few days ago, my dad called wanting to know if I could find his grandfather‘s military records so that he could order a marker to be placed at the new Murray County Veterans Memorial Park.  Specifically, he needs Jim’s service dates, latest rank, and any medals he may have been awarded. I immediately logged […]

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Treasure Chest Thursday: A Watercolor

17 June 2010 And More

This is my first foray into Treasure Chest Thursday and I knew immediately what treasure I wanted to start with. This photo is of a watercolor painting of the old Butler house.  The original painting hangs in my living room. The painting is special to me for a variety of reasons.  First, related to the house itself, […]

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