52 Week to Better Genealogy – Create Your Own Challenge – Redux

Following up on Monday’s article about challenge to deal with my genealogy email, here is how the week has gone:

  • Monday – email dated 2/10/08 regarding various Johnsons.  I had previously dealt with all issues in the email.  The person emailing was questioning certain facts.  All the facts in question were from my early, early days doing genealogy.  I had not recorded sources and so had deleted all facts and/or people.  (Let this be a lesson to newbies; write down your sources!  You’ll wish you had later on.)
  • Tuesday – I got as far as printing the next email in my queue, but no further.
  • Wednesday – zilch.
  • Thursday – I worked on the email I had printed on Tuesday.  It dealt with a headstone photo, so I uploaded that, and had some information on Johnsons, but the ones referenced were outside the two-levels of descendants that I include in my research.
  • Friday – email dated 2/12/2008, regarding James Hemphill.  This was a reply to a query I had sent asking about James Hemphill’s will c. 1784.  She had responded saying she thought it was from Rowan County, NC records.  I looked it up on the NC State Archives MARS system this morning and found the call number, then ordered a copy of the will via snail mail. (Note:  I”ve just realized that I have a transcription of this will in the Hemphills in North Carolina book.  Oh well, I’d still like to have a copy of the original.)
  • Friday – the next email, dated 3/30/2008, was a query to me regarding several McEntires of whom I’ve never heard.  I don’t know if I ever responded to this lady; I hope I did.
  • Friday – email #5, dated 10/26/2008.  This one is the mother lode.  2 1/2 pages of small print notes, with sources and links, regarding James Burk Jr. and his son John.  It may take a couple of days to sort through this.  I have some of the information already, and will try to work through and verify the rest over the weekend.

So, that’s how I did on my challenge.  How about you?

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