Treasure Chest Thursday: A Watercolor

This is my first foray into Treasure Chest Thursday and I knew immediately what treasure I wanted to start with.

This photo is of a watercolor painting of the old Butler house.  The original painting hangs in my living room.

The painting is special to me for a variety of reasons.  First, related to the house itself, there is the obvious fact that my grandmother and great-grandparents lived there.  Moreover, my father was born in this house.  The house burned when I was a kid and I have no photographs of it, so the painting is the only representation that I have.

Second, related to the painting, my mother painted this watercolor as a gift to my great-aunt Edna Jo.  It hung in Aunt Jo’s house for many years and when she died, the painting came to me.

It is not only a memento, but also a legacy.

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