Weekly Updates for 2010-06-16


Currently reading: Search Engines for #Genealogy Going Beyond Google http://ht.ly/1Wu4o # Currently reading: Online Death Records and Indexes – New Additions and Updates http://ht.ly/1WueR #genealogy # Currently reading: Can You Teach an Old Genealogist New Tricks? http://ht.ly/1Wuso #genealogy # Reading: The Battle of Athens http://ht.ly/1WD2z . My grandfather was involved in this. . . # […]

Timeline for Maud Whitener Butler

I realized in March that I’ve written very little about my female ancestors.  While I wrote several posts then in honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve decided to continue with a new series focusing on the timelines of my female ancestors.  I’m starting with my great-grandmothers and working backward.  The first article was about Lizzie West […]

Monday Madness: Chipping Away at the Baxters, part 2


If you missed Part 1 of “Chipping Away at the Baxter Brick Wall,” you can read it here.  To recap, I’ve been searching for the parents of my great-great-grandmother, Barbara Baxter, for several years to no avail.  I’ve looked in local history books, browsed many, many census records, and done more Google searches than I […]

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge #19 – Military Records

Butler genealogy

I’m catching up on some prior 52 Week Challenges that I had missed along the way.  Challenge #19 was to: Examine the “Genealogy and Military Records” page on the National Archives page (http://www.archives.gov/veterans/research/genealogy.html). (Non-U.S. folks: examine the military records information from your country’s national archives.) Click the links and read everything you can. If you’ve […]

Surname Saturday: Ward


Ward is one the surnames for which I can’t go back very far.  I only have information on three generations, beyond those still living. Newton Coleman Ward (1890-1974) – I’ve written several times about Newt, or Pepaw Ward as I call him.  He was my great-grandfather and I vaguely remember him from when I was […]

52 Week to Better Genealogy – Create Your Own Challenge – Redux

Following up on Monday’s article about challenge to deal with my genealogy email, here is how the week has gone: Monday – email dated 2/10/08 regarding various Johnsons.  I had previously dealt with all issues in the email.  The person emailing was questioning certain facts.  All the facts in question were from my early, early […]

Introducing the Women’s Timeline Series

Several things have happened in the last few months that made me want to start a new series focusing on the timelines of my female ancestors. First was Women’s History Month in March.  I wanted to write several articles about my female ancestors during that month and as I was looking through my archives to […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-06-09


RT @alabamapioneers: The French occupied early Alabama. Read more #history here http://cot.ag/c6X2Vd # Currently reading: SEO For WordPress – Image ALT Tags http://ht.ly/1TLMi # RT @marianpl: RT @lisarex: “10 words I’d ban from all websites” (great article on improving UI text) http://bit.ly/dvLm0i # RT @findmyancestor: Information and Tips from FamilySearch – http://bit.ly/ddG7x7 #genealogy #familyhistory # […]

Reuben Johnson and Martha Garrett: Tombstone Tuesday


Reuben Phillip Johnson and Martha Jane Garrett were my great-great-grandparents.  Reuben was born September 3, 1853 in Georgia and died April 15, 1911.1 2  Martha was born June 7, 1854, also in Georgia, and died October 26, 1929.3 4  They were married about 18775 and had eight children, all of whom lived to adulthood. Reuben […]