Weekly Updates for 2010-07-14

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  1. says

    Hi and terrific blog! I see you received you Pension package from the Nat. Archives. I am planning on doing that also. But I was wondering- since I don’t have much money to spend- which did you order? The $75.00 package or the $20.00 package? Did you get an adequate amount of info you wanted? Was it worth it? Thanks for the advice- I really need it!! : )
    Jenni´s last blog post ..BERRY Family Tree Takes Root

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Jenni, thanks for the compliment!

      Actually, I mispoke. I had ordered a military service file. This is what I get for tweeting from the post office.

      However, I have ordered a pension file in the past and I got the $75 version. That would be my advice. Dear Myrtle wrote a great article a few weeks ago, comparing the two versions. Apparently, if you order the $20 version, then they just pick a number of pages to send you. If you try to order again, then you could end up with repeat pages, because they don’t keep track of what they send you.

      The one I ordered was definitely worth the money. There were over 350 pages and an unbelievable amount of information. They won’t all be that long. This pension was disputed (and ultimately denied), and the U.S. Attorney took depositions from all the family members during the investigation.

      What war did the soldier serve in? There may be other ways to get the information that would less expensive. I’ll be glad to help if I can.


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