Surname Saturday: Baxter

Baxter genealogyThis week’s Surname Saturday post focuses on the Baxters, one of my major brick walls, as regular readers will know.  The line starts with my great-great-grandmother, Barbara Baxter.  Barbara is the little old lady, front and center, in the collage (click on image to view a larger version).

Barbara was born February 1854, possibly in Murray County, Georgia.  She married Francis Marion Kendrick on April 16, 1871 in Murray County.  They lived in the Alaculsa Valley, in the upper northeast corner of Murray County for the rest of their lives.  Barbara and F. M. had eleven children.  Barbara died March 5, 1939 in Crandall, Georgia and is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

Barbara’s parents were named as Dave Baxter and Polly Lowery on her death certificate.  I found a marriage certificate for an Andrew B. Baxter and a Mary Lowery in Murray County and I found notes from another researcher stating that Andy Baxter, who married one of two Lowery sisters – Betsy and Pollie – had a daughter named Barbara who married a Hallie Kendrick.  I’ve heard that Francis Marion Kendrick was known as “Hodie.”  I’m working on the hypothesis that these are the same people.  The same researcher noted that Andy had a daughter named Sarah Caroline, who married Alphonse Chable, and a son named Dave.

I recently found an online tree that named a James David Baxter as the son of Andrew B. Baxter and Mary Lowery.  This tree also has a burial place listed for Andrew B. Baxter:  Hopewell Cemetery.  I haven’t been to Hopewell Cemetery, but that is also where Francis Marion Kendrick’s parents are buried.

Baxter Surname Fun Facts

The Surname Database calls Baxter an “unusual surname.”  Of Anglo-Saxon origins, it began as “bakester,” referring to a woman who baked as an occupation.  In 1990, there were 47,857 Baxters in the United States, making Baxter the 647th most common surname.  In 1880, 3% of  the nation’s 13,311 Baxter families lived in Georgia.  In 1840, Tennessee and Georgia had 33 and 17 Baxter families, respectively.

More about the Baxter Family

Research To-Dos

  • Check the Murray County death index for the supposed siblings of Barbara (see if parents’ names match).
  • Visit Hopewell Cemetery.
  • Check Civil War service records for Andrew Dave.
  • Research census records for Sarah Caroline (Baxter) Chable.
  • Research census records for James David Baxter.

If you have any additional information (or corrections) on this Baxter line, comments are most appreciated!

This post is part of an ongoing series focusing on specific surnames. To see all posts in the series, click here.

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