Surname Saturday: Baxter

Baxter genealogy

This week’s Surname Saturday post focuses on the Baxters, one of my major brick walls, as regular readers will know.  The line starts with my great-great-grandmother, Barbara Baxter.  Barbara is the little old lady, front and center, in the collage (click on image to view a larger version). Barbara was born February 1854, possibly in […]

A Social Networking Bonanza

This has been a whirlwind week, making genealogy connections through social networking (and learning what a small world this really is). First, I got a comment on a blog post from the descendant of a collateral line.  She (we’ll call her K.) said she had been referred to my site by someone on  She […]

On this date. . .the 23rd of July

Births John Burk was born in 1760. Elizabeth Sophronia (Lytle) Burgin was born in 1795. Benjamin C. Hemphill was born in 1824. Marriages Hans Martin Dellinger and Anna Barbara Seitz were married in 1726. Martha Blair and John William Whitesides were married in 1835. Margaret Black and John O. Ellis were married in 1840. Victory […]

On this date. . .the 22nd of July

Births John McKey Hemphill was born in 1822. Deaths Thomas Mackie died in 1796 (my 5th, 6th, and 7th great-grandfather). Mary Ann (Patton) Burgin died in 1825. Rhoda Jane (McEntire) Hemphill died in 1864. Lula Susan (Day) Roberts died in 1968. Marriages John Morris and Fanny Stroud were married in 1822.

Alice Roberts Hemphill Timeline

Hemphill Roberts genealogy

My great-grandmother, Nancy Alice Roberts Hemphill, was born in 1877 and lived to be 88 years old.  Here follows a timeline of her life. 1877 – Alice was born on January 9th in Murray County, Georgia, the third child and oldest daughter of Martin LaFayette Roberts and Rosa E. Ellis. 1880 – Three-year-old Alice lived […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-07-21


RT @rootstelevision: Tuesday is almost over – did you catch the new Roots Tuesday blog/videos?!! #genealogy #photos # RT @whiteoakattic: Using a large mirror to direct sunlight diagonally across face of gravemarker makes inscriptions easier to read. # Blog post: Treasure Chest Thursday: My First SS-5 #genealogy # Blog post: On this date. […]

On this date. . .the 18th of July

Births W. W. Bailey was born in 1845. Marriages Milly Bingham and Benjamin Brookshire were married in 1796 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Mariah Langston and Monteville Roberts were married in 1852 in Bradley County, Tennessee (my 3rd great-grandparents). Updated July 10, 2011