On this date. . .the 6th of July

On this date July 6th

Births James Young Hemphill was born in 1902, probably in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Mary Elizabeth (McEntire) Hemphill died in 1921 in Murray County, Georgia (my great-great-grandmother). Walter Henry Ellis died in 1922 in Atlanta, Georgia. Marriages Charles Kilgore and Syble Alice Viola Roberts were married in 1913 in Murray County, Georgia. Updated July 2, […]

Twice Told Tuesday: Death of B. B. Hemphill

Hemphill genealogy

On the 13th of October 1909, Mr. B. B. Hemphill, one of the oldest and best citizens, departed this life at the ripe old age of 88 years, 8 months, and 3 days.  He was born in McDowell county, North Carolina, and came to Murray county, before the Civil War.  He enlisted in the Southern […]

On the date. . .the 5th of July


Births Hans Stoffel Dellinger was born in 1661. William Elmer Hemphill was born in 1910 in Ramhurst, Georgia. Deaths Priscilla (Debord) Sorrells died in 1862 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Magdalin (Elrod) Roberts died in 1946 in Murray County, Georgia. Sarah Caroline (Davis) Aaron died in 1947. Marriages Rhoda Debord and Elisha Marlow were married […]

Madness Monday: Finding Jim Butler on the 1910 Census

I cannot find my great-grandfather’s household on the 1910 census.  His name is James Benjamin Butler.  He appears on other censuses as follows: 1900:  James, in his father’s household in the Ball Ground District, Murray County, Georgia. 1920:  “J. B. Butter” in the Ball Ground District, Murray County, Georgia. 1930:  “James B. Butler” in Chatsworth, […]

On this date. . .the 4th of July


Births Malinda (Burgin) Hemphill was born in 1801 in Burke County, North Carolina (my 4th great-grandmother). Robert West was born in 1871 in Polk County, Tennessee. Florence (Stanley) Henry was born in 1889. Jessie Malinda (Roberts) Childers was born in 1897 in Murray County, Georgia. Ruby V. (Kendrick) Sanford was born in 1921, probably in […]

On this date. . .the 3rd of July


Deaths Martin V. O’Neal died in 1927 in N. Chattanooga, Tennessee Annie (Cavendar) Roberts died in 1942. Edna Rose (Hemphill) Pendley died in 1990. Marriages Mary Elizabeth Patterson and William Everett Whitener were married in 1883 (my great-great-grandparents). Military William Osborn Searcy enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861. Phillip B. Whitener enlisted in the Confederate Army […]

Surname Saturday: Whitener

Whitener genealogy

My last couple of Surname Saturday posts have been about families for whom I can’t go back very far, so I’m excited to write about the Whiteners – they are a well-documented bunch. This line starts with my great-grandmother, Maud Angeline Whitener (1885-1975).  I’ve written extensively about Maud in “Timeline for Maud Whitener Butler.” Maud’s […]

On this date. . .the 1st of July


Births William Patton Hemphill was born in 1805. Noah German was born in 1844. Deaths Hans Paul Dellinger died in 1746 (my 8th great-grandfather). John Dellinger died in 1805 (my 5th great-grandfather). Robert S. Alexander died in 1863. Mary Dellinger died in 1867. Charlsie Herline Roberts died in 1951. Click on any link above to […]

July Genealogy To-Dos


I’ve been slack about posting my monthly to-do lists the last quarter, but as I said in my Mid-Year Review, I want to get back on track. Writing: Write 8 blog posts (not including “On this date” posts) – ideally, this will include 1 Women’s Timeline post and 3 Surname Saturdays, but anything counts. Research: […]