On this date. . .the 15th of August

  • Margaret (Bushart) Barringer was born in 1742 in Newton, North Carolina.
  • Rhoda (Cunningham) Alexander was born in 1763 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (my 4th-great-grandmother).
  • John Wesley Ellis was born in 1847.
  • Robert Daniel Mathis was born in 1852.
  • Columbus P. Hemphill was born in 1857.
  • Cora Lee (Fouts) Kendrick was born in 1881 in Murray County, Georgia.
  • Mollie Victoria (Childers) Roberts was born in 1909 in Murray County, Georgia.
  • Maggie Hemphill died in 1864 (she was only three weeks old – her mother, Rhoda, died in childbirth on July 22.  I know that there was a typhoid epidemic in McDowell County during the summer of 1864; I wonder if it influenced the deaths of Maggie and Rhoda?).
  • Mary R. Hemphill died in 1864 in McDowell County, North Carolina – of typhoid.
  • Clarissa Jane (Lytle) Morris died in 1869 in Montford Cove, North Carolina.
  • Elmer Rufus Roberts died in 1970 in Murray County, Georgia.
  • Anna Blandina Dellinger and Johann Michael Endres were married in 1715.

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