September Genealogy To-Dos

As I reported yesterday, I got a lot done in August.  Having a genealogy to-do list keeps me on track and enables me to measure my progress.  I hope to have a similarly productive September:


  • Write 8 blog posts (not including “On this date” posts) – my first priority here is to write up my notes from FGS and also do 1 Women’s Timeline post.


  • Process 4 emails from my genealogy inbox (this includes due diligence to verify facts & then entering info in database).
  • Transcribe Jim Butler military records received in July and enter into database.
  • Work on Butler Ahnentafel report due diligence:  my goal is to complete pp. 14 and 15.
  • Start researching the Dave Butler whitecapping case.  This would be a good opportunity to test drive using a research plan.

Database Work:

  • As I said last month, I have a lot of duplicate notes resulting from a recent software conversion, so I’m working on deleting the duplicates. This month I want to do the surnames starting with J and K.
  • I also have some facts that didn’t convert, so I want to make sure they are all entered this month, so I can stop worrying about losing that data. 


  • Continue working on The Notebook Project – I’m on Harris and I want to complete 200 names.
  • Complete Lessons 4 & 5 in NGS “Family History Skills” online course.

What are your genealogy goals for September?

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  1. Denise Coughlin says

    Hello! Recently found your blog and love it! You are inspiring me to actually write my genealogy goals down and dare I say, post them for the world to see!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Tonia Kendrick says

    Thanks Denise! Writing down the goals, and especially, putting them on the blog, is great for accountability. I have a tendency to get off-track and chase down any little clue I find. By posting my goals, I force myself to stay on track.

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