Twice Told Tuesday: Hemphill Elected to City Council

Hemphill genealogyRobert M. Hemphill, proprietor of a local dry cleaning plant and an officer in World War Two, was elected a member of the Board of Aldermen at a special election held last Saturday.  Hemphill will fill the unexpired term of the late T. H. Moreland.

Fifty votes were cast for Hemphill, who had no opposition.

Thirty-four voters were in favor of changing the term of office of the mayor and aldermen from one to two years, the aldermen’s terms to be staggered so that an entirely new board will never go into office at the same time.  Twelve voters were against this change.

Thirty-nine voted in favor of having a three-man water commission.  Five voted against this issue.

This article was originally published in The Chatsworth Times on May 15, 1947.

Source: Hemphill Scrapbook; privately held by D. H. Davis, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] , D. H. Davis, “Hemphill Elected to City Council”, 15 May 1947, The Chatsworth Times, 13 Jul 2009.

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