Treasure Chest Thursday: Mary Forrester Ward Death Certificate

Forrester Ward genealogyI like it when I find documents that both confirm existing data and offer up new information;  the death certificate for my 2nd great-grandmother, Mary Lourania Forrester is one such document.


  • Her given name is Mary Lourania.  I only have two documents (and this is one) that show her middle name.
  • She was a widow at the time of her death, which is consistent with her husband’s death date of 15 Apr 1933.
  • She was born 7 Apr 1944.  I double-checked the calculation based on her death date and her age at death of 79 years, 9 months, 14 days and it is accurate.
  • She was a housewife.
  • Her father’s name was Coleman Forrester.
  • Her mother’s name was Anna Cearns [also spelled Carnes].
  • She was buried in Dial, Georgia.
  • She died 21 Apr 1944.

New Information

  • She died in Newport, Georgia, which was also her residence.
  • She lived in Fannin County, Georgia all her life.
  • She was born in Fannin County.
  • She was buried on 22 Apr 1944.


  • No cause of death is recorded, although she had been under a doctor’s care (W. H. Rogers, M. D.)  for three days.
  • The informant was a Ward, who lived in Newport; presumably this is one of her sons, but I can’t make out the first name.  I think it’s safe to assume it was not my great-grandfather, Newton, as he had already moved to Murray County.

Research To-Dos

  • Check Fannin County Probate Records.
  • Check Fannin County Marriage Records.
  • Check Fannin County Obituaries.

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  1. John Forrester says

    Coleman Forrester was my great grandfather. I have indentified his children including Mary Lourinia. Her brother James Polk was my grand father. I am searching for Coleman’s parents. Can you help?

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi John! I haven’t found Coleman’s parents yet. I do have a line on Anna Carnes’ family, though. I found several Carnes households in Lumpkin County, GA and I feel certain one of them is Anna’s, but I haven’t had a chance to work on it.

  2. Teresa Davis-Buffington says

    Hi Tonia! WOW!!! I am SO glad that I found your website! I appreciate all the hard work that you have done more than you will ever know. I have just started dabbling in genealogy, starting to look up names that I have heard my whole life, trying to make connections. My great-grandmother, Sarah Josephine Marshall, is one of the daughters of Robert Henry Marshall and Nancy Elizabeth Forrester which would make Anna Carnes and Coleman Forrester my GGG grandparents. This is on my mother’s side. Do you know of any Confederate ancestors in this line? I know that Robert Henry Marshall was Union with the 5th Tenn Cavalry and his grandfather was a Rev War veteran. You can email me directly with any info if you want. Your website has excited me so much! I have spent about 16 hours on it over the last 3 days! Kudos to you!!

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